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Our story

Founded by Jorge Carrasco, San Jose, California, Bethinketh LLC is the originator of bucket appeal. The I CAN BUCKET is FDA approved to keep your storage goods, wet or dry throughout the course of a tailgate event, sports activity or your backyard family event.

The invention behind Bethinketh’s multi­use bucket for men, women and youth is impenetrable, but the agenda for realizing the benefits is simple as 1 2 3: I CAN® carry it anytime, I CAN® sit on it with ease, I CAN® store it hot or cold anytime, day or season. Bethinketh’s mission is to make all bucket carriers wealthier through simplicity, design and our persistent pursuit of innovation.

I CAN Latino Foundation

The I CAN Latino youth program is a pioneering organization in San Jose, California that seeks to transform its city and America by recognizing Male Latinos’ innate leadership. 

The not for profit organization’s objective is to develop young Latino men through focused individualized mentorship programs.

In return, I CAN Latino would serve its community /city by providing volunteer service from the young men who are actively working through the program. A pay it forward system (we will invest in you if you invest in yourself). 

The program will not only provide a channel of volunteer serventhood services to the community, but to its family, church and local companies. This will not only establish these young men as valuable citizens, but also pave the way for future employment and social acceptance at the highest levels.  


The developed curriculum will be taught in a three part form: Through local neighborhood engagement, personal development, and the development of entrepreneur leadership skills.

In 3 years (or sooner) the organizations goal is to build a 10 million dollar faith based, multipurpose, complex-state of the art resource center whereby young men from the ages of 10- 21 would be embraced and mentored with aspiration that once these men complete the competencies of the program, they would be placed on a road to success both personally and economically.

Bethinketh C Corp of San Jose, CA – the makers of I CAN Bucket – will be the main contributor of this 501(c) (3) program.  30% of its profits will go to help run the overall operation and facilities of this mentorship program.

Changing the lives of Latino men, one bucket at a time!


The Bucket

Indoors or out, the ICAN Bucket is perfect for tailgating, playing sports, going to the park or the beach, camping, or simply having a picnic in your backyard. A comfortably padded lid lets you sit anywhere, while two side pockets allow for easy and convenient storage — carry along your water bottle, cell phone, and bluetooth speaker as you bring the party with you in style with the ICAN Bucket.  

Every 5-gallon ICAN Bucket is wrapped in customizable, hand-stitched fabric crafted with care in the United States. Portable and lightweight, the ICAN Bucket is FDA-approved for safe storage of food and beverages.

c 2015 Bethinketh, Inc. U.S
Pat. No. D780,453
All rights under both reserved. Product is made with “licensed fabric”, and is not made by or affiliated with, in any way, any entity depicted on the product.

Why choose us

Quality has always been at the core of us, as we want our products to last whilst being used every day. To ensure the highest quality, we like to be in charge of the entire development and production process – from the first sketch to the final stitch.

Our 5 gallon, FDA Approved, High-Density Polyethylene buckets come equipped with a galvanized steel handle and plastic grip. Each bucket is wrapped completely with your custom selected cotton broadcloth fabric – hand cut and stitched with 2 dedicated quick-access phone pockets. It’s waterproof, UV resistant, mildew proof, and perfect for any outdoor application. This attention to detail will ensure it’s the last bucket you’ll ever need.

Customer support and relationship building is a top priority for us. For all business inquiries, questions, concerns or custom requests – please contact us via phone or email.

At this time we are not accepting any returns on the ICAN Bucket. All Sales are Final 

The Bucket Everyone loves

See all the custom buckets, from local teams to kids favorite cartoon shows.

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